Pharmacy Finance

If you are looking at acquiring a pharmacy or a share of an existing pharmacy, Red Connect has the experience and expertise to assist and help guide you through the process and achieve the most favourable outcome.

Red Connect, through years of experience in, and our understanding of the healthcare finance sector, assist in removing the hurdles that are placed in front of you by banks and other finance companies. For approved customers we can assist in funding up to 80% of the purchase price of the pharmacy, without requiring additional security.

Sometimes finance options are presented in a way that is difficult to understand. That is why your Red Connect representative is always available to discuss, in plain English, the different ways to structure your loan facility and ensure that the repayment structure is designed to suit your specific budgetary requirements.

Red Connect know that your time is important to you so our experienced personnel will come to you, assist in simplifying and demystifying the loan process and help you acquire your pharmacy quickly and easily.

After your purchase is complete Red Connect remain at call with quality service and specialist industry knowledge. At Red Connect high quality, personalised service with integrity and commitment to genuine outcomes is our first priority.

Red Connect focuses almost exclusively on the financial needs of healthcare practitioners. With more than 30 years of collective market experience, Red Connect is a market leader in finance for healthcare professionals.

"Do you have certainty that your current bank will fund your next acquistion or be there with you if times get tough?"