Financial Health Checks

Everyone goes (or should go) once a year to their Doctor for a health check. However, very few people consider a Finance Health Check on their loans as something that they should consider undertaking.

At Red Connect this is exactly what we can assist you in doing. We understand that every practice and situation is unique and each of you has your own set of individual circumstances.

Free of charge, we will look at all of your current loans and financial obligations and give them a thorough review to ensure that, not only is the pricing / rate appropriate, but that the structure and security provided is appropriate (to what you wish to achieve).

The results and feedback are provided to you, either to confirm that your finance is in good shape OR that it is not and that we can then make appropriate recommendations as to how they could be improved upon.

This could not only save you thousands of dollars each year but may also allow you to achieve business growth aspirations that you did not think possible. The best part is that we can undertake this analysis with some very simple information that we can source from yourself or your accountant.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – if we ascertain that your current loan is all good then you, as a business person, have one less thing to worry about. If we are able to save you money, or release security, then you benefit from the savings.