Mergers & Acquisitions

At the same time as being able to assist clients with the acquisition of one-off healthcare businesses we are also able to assist with larger mergers and acquisitions of a more corporate nature.

In having the ability to take a more corporate approach to opportunity’s of a larger nature we can assist our clients in managing all aspects of the acquisition and / or merger process including;

  •  Asset identification
  • Assistance re management of the purchase negotiations and structure of the purchase contract
  • Management of the due diligence and valuation process
  • Assistance re appropriate structuring of the acquisition
  • Assistance re corporate finance structures
  • Ensuring the client has access to the most appropriate finance options to conclude not only this acquisition but that the structure of this acquisition does not inhibit the client in accessing and sourcing future growth opportunities
  • Our extended network of associates also ensures we can provide (where required) our client access to all other associated accounting, advisory and legal services required to make the acquisition a successful one
















"Before proceeding with your acquisition, have you completed a thorough financial due diligance of the business and do you have the appropriate corporate structure in place to optimise your tax and financial position?"